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If you’re not already curious about the idea of juicing your fruits and veg, then you clearly didn’t watch the Victoria Secret Show crying into your Ben n Jerry’s. With summer fast approaching the promotion of health over skinny has taken a phenomenal twist which encourages us to ignore quick fix diet schemes and revert to good old fashioned healthy eating and drinking. With a nation obsessed with how we look, it’s amazing that we haven’t all decided to ditch processed food with no nutrition content and opt for a healthier alternative. Not only do we all want to shed a few pounds for summer but we want to have glowing skin and feel bursting with energy.

It is achievable and which route to take can be a tricky choice with so many options being overwhelmingly thrust into our faces. If we’re going to adopt a healthier way of being then it seems almost certain that we do it in the cleanest way possible, and by that I mean go organic. We have tried and tested many of the green goodness which has been offered to us and none of these have yet compared to the tasty variety from The Organic Juicery.

Understanding the background and ingredients which go into these juices is paramount to the result which you are looking to achieve. The Organic Juicery understand the value of good nutrition and the immense impact this has on overall our wellbeing. The founder is a qualified nutrition consultant and has an established complementary health practice which has been running for 15 years.

So what is so different about organic products and why should we convert?! Well basically, organic food and drink are those that are produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial chemicals. It’s quite scary to think how little we are educated about the unnatural substances which are being used to help produce our daily food! For something to be labelled as organic it must be certified with one of the organic certification bodies which provides an assurance of organic authenticity, and this is something The Organic Juicery are able to guarantee us.

“We use organic produce that does not contain pesticides, and so your body is able to absorb the nutrients from the juice without having to break down toxins in the form of pesticides. We use Cold Press technology which is a superior juice extraction process to the more commonly used centrifugal juicer. Cold Press Juice has a much better nutrition yield and a longer shelf life as oppose to centrifugal juice. Our juices are raw and never heated or treated to keep all the live enzymes and phytonutrients intact.”- Hayley Fahy- The Organic Juicery Founder

One of the main concerns many of us have when it comes to these nutritionally packed juices is simply are they going to taste nice. We want to encourage children and the whole family to adopt this healthier way of living but many won’t be converted to join the cold pressed revolution if the juices have a prevailing taste of bitter spinach. Well the Organic Juicery certainly get a thumbs up as their carefully crafted drinks have been through a gruelling process to get them right. Their juices are unique and have been formulated after intense research and trials to deliver a product that is not only highly nutritious but tastes good too!

Living a busy lifestyle and getting the healthy balance can be stressful and it’s something that The Organic Juicery aim to solve:

“Reliance on caffeine and convenience only leaves us feeling fatigued and bloated, which we all want to avoid. We live in a grab and go culture, and cold pressed juice has become popular as it fits into busy lifestyles perfectly, providing an instant injection of micronutrients.”

If you are as excited as we are about The Organic Juicery, then make sure you come and see more of what they have to offer at the Liverpool Fashion and Lifestyle Show. They’ll be providing samples of their products, discussing dietary requirements and habits, and doing a competition which you won’t want to miss!

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Hayley Fahy

Hayley is a qualified nutirion consultant and founder of The Organic Juicery, a company that was originated from a desire to heal herself and others. A master in the field of complementary health, she also runs a practice that combines Eastern and Western philosophies to promote healthing from within.