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Leading a healthy lifestyle is something that I definitely try to do & for a number of reasons. Going the gym always used to be for me the main way to lead a healthy lifestyle plus loosing a few pounds always helps so you’re keeping fit & that’s the right thing to do isn’t it? An it is.. to an extent but it’s only really been for me since the start of the year that I have been understanding the balance of food & exercise. After I have trained I feel good about myself, it’s a known fact endorphins are released into our bodies making us feel happier & I do, I feel as if I have achieved something which puts me in a positive state of mind for the day. Mentally & physically I am on the right track so the last & main stage is food, making sure I am giving my body the best nutrition possible & with the Summer round the corner, bikinis being purchased I wanted something that would help me shift a few pounds, be nutritious & make me feel great.

Juicing is something that I have been intrigued about for a while & with the build up to Summer I started looking into it more to make sure I found the right one & not a quick fix. For me it was looking at what goes into the juices so the only way was organic & therefore The Organic Juicery. There is no easier way to say it than that these juices do exactly what they say, founder Hayley Fahy is a nutritionist consultant so knows exactly what ingredents are the right ones to use for the best results. Being organic the juices have no artificial chemicals they are clean of them which is what you want, then the process TOJ follow is ‘never heated or treated- just raw goodness.’ Which means that the fruit & vegetables used are not heated or boiled so they don’t loose any of the nutrients & a big one for me they don’t increase the sugar content.

Now I had the juices which were going to give me exactly what I wanted I decided to do a 3 day classic cleanse & I’m not going to lie I was daunted by the thought of 3 days on just juices. I was worried that I wasn’t going to enjoy the taste of them so when I opened up my first ‘The Morning One’ I was so happy that the juice was lovely to drink & actually filled me up so I can say every morning of my cleanse was off to a great start with this drink. I got through the days okay keep myself hydrated with water I was doing better than I though on the cleanse I was surprised by the energy that I had even making it to 2 of my early morning classes. There are recommended drinks to take at various times of the day but if you have a favourite you can mix them around so of an evening at home I saved ‘The Fill Me Up One,’ the milkiest juice of the cleanse that I called my dessert the combination of coconut, vanilla & almonds made me think I was having something sweet. By the end of my cleanse I felt refreshed like I was fully on track with my healthy lifestyle, even afterwards it really makes you think about what you put in your body. The drinks cleansed my body but I even noticed a difference in my skin, whilst i’m lucky my skin is quote clear I had no redness & I overall looked healthy. So if like me you’ve been intrigued by juicing then The Organic Juicery is the one to go with even if you are looking for something to help you begin a healthy lifestyle it’s the right start. AA x

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Hayley Fahy

Hayley is a qualified nutirion consultant and founder of The Organic Juicery, a company that was originated from a desire to heal herself and others. A master in the field of complementary health, she also runs a practice that combines Eastern and Western philosophies to promote healthing from within.