Cold press juicing, the ‘coolest’ trend

Posted by in News on Saturday, March 14 2015.

Now that the Christmas festivities are over, it is that time of year to put in place new resolutions and goals to ensure a healthier lifestyle.  As overindulgence during the Christmas period invariably leaves you feeling bloated and sluggish, this is the time to give your diet a much needed overhaul and commit to that healthy new regime that you promise yourself each year.

Cold-press juicing has become the ‘hottest’ trend and it is looks like it is here to stay as it delivers results both long and short term. When consumed as part of a 3 day cleanse, the body is alleviated from unwanted toxins which are replaced with an instant injection of micro-nutrients and live enzymes.  The effects of a cold-press juice cleanse have gained a lot of media attention and include benefits such as a new found sense of energy, glowing skin, with the added benefit of loss of unwanted pounds.  The benefits of a juice cleanse however, when done properly, has a more profound and long lasting effect as it helps eliminate food cravings and provides the perfect kick-start to a healthy new regime.

The Organic Juicery go the extra mile to ensure the purest and most detoxifying ingredients are included in their products. Founder, Hayley Fahy, is a qualified nutrition consultant from Liverpool and intends to be the first to bring certified organic cold-pressed juice to the north west.

Hayley confirms “Certification is our stamp of quality and assurance that we aim to deliver products that are packed with the highest concentration of micro-nutrients, and have minimal exposure to toxins in the form of pesticides, which means that all the hard work has already been done for you! With the added benefit of nourishing superfoods, our organic, cold-pressed juices provide all the antioxidant goodness required to purify and replenish, and leave you feeling vibrant.”

Originally posted 13th January, 2015 on My Liverpool Life.

Hayley Fahy

Hayley is a qualified nutirion consultant and founder of The Organic Juicery, a company that was originated from a desire to heal herself and others. A master in the field of complementary health, she also runs a practice that combines Eastern and Western philosophies to promote healthing from within.