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Aside from the obvious advantage almond milk holds for those who are allergic or intolerant to dairy and soy, almond milk carries a multitude of other benefits to aid your weight management or weight loss goals and keep you and your body looking and feeling great.
We all know that any workout regime needs to be coupled with good nutrition to be properly effective but to get as much benefit as possible from your training sessions, you need to make sure you are feeding your body the right things pre, during and post workout especially. It’s important to drink fluids before, during and after your workout to keep yourself well-hydrated and fueled and to replace the electrolytes lost in sweat but you don’t need to stick to just H2O.
Pre-workout food or drinks need to be easy to digest so they won’t cause bloating or irritate your stomach. The best pre-activity foods and drinks are those relatively low in protein and fat. Training puts wear and tear on your joints, muscles and bones, and your body uses up nutrients during exercise so you need a meal afterwards to help recover what you’ve lost and to provide the raw materials needed for repair and healing. A recovery meal has the potential to prevent further muscle breakdown, optimize muscle glycogen stores, and can help make your muscles adapt better to your training. These should have carbs that are high in glycogen, glucose, and sucrose (rather than fructose), protein that will speed your muscle recovery and electrolytes.
Here is where almond milk comes in, ticking all the boxes for pre, post and during workout bodily needs. Almond milk has a surprisingly rich taste and is a beneficial addition to a diet geared toward weight loss or weight management. Exceptionally high in nutrients compared to the amount of calories it provides per serving and packed full of proteins to help your insulin levels, electrolytes to help with hydration, maintaining muscle and regulating your heartbeat and the valuable antioxidant vitamin E, our almond milk (The Fill Me Up One) is ideal to help boost your health regime.
Mixed with vanilla powder to give it a gorgeous creamy flavour, our Fill Me Up One Almond Milk also contains dates, coconut nectar and Himalayan pink salt. This is perfect for people looking to lose weight as you will benefit from:

• A low Glycemic index due to its lower carbohydrate content (just 2.5g per 100ml compared to 4.83g in semi skimmed milk).
• Rich in calcium and a good source of omega fatty acids to help regulate blood pressure and help prevent muscle cramping.
• An electrolyte balance
• Increased hydration
• Aid in proper metabolism functioning
Not only that but packed full of 50% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin E, which contains antioxidant properties essential to your skin’s health, you will also be keeping your skin glowing and helping to protect it from sun damage.

Check out our Fill Me Up One almond milk and start optimizing your weight management regime now.

Hayley Fahy

Hayley is a qualified nutirion consultant and founder of The Organic Juicery, a company that was originated from a desire to heal herself and others. A master in the field of complementary health, she also runs a practice that combines Eastern and Western philosophies to promote healthing from within.