All About The Organic Juicery

Hayley Fahy, Nutritionist

At The Organic Juicery we understand the value of good nutrition and want to make your wellbeing effortless. The clue is in our name – all of our stunningly tasty juices and nut milks are organic. Designed to cleanse and heal your body, our drinks are tuned to perfection and packed full of the best natural ingredients, replenishing live enzymes and health boosting nutrients.

Grown from a passion for producing powerful raw juices that aren’t just for the nutrition-savvy – we are led by our founder and qualified Nutrition Consultant Hayley Fahy. Having run a successful complementary health business for over 15 years – she’s like our very own human shaped superfood.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a fruit-based drink to boost your immune system or you’re a green-juice regular seeking bottles of powerful alkalising greens - we have a juice for everybody (even your body).

Our Healthy Beginnings

Hayley Fahy, Nutritionist

After years of running her busy complimentary health business and eating on the go, Hayley decided to ditch the convenience food and start making herself batches of healthy juices and milks that she could grab between appointments.

Feeling a dramatic difference to her energy levels (plus intriguing friends and family with her new get-up-and-go!) Hayley started wondering how these juices could also help her clients … and The Organic Juicery was born.

It’s cold pressed up North

Born and bred in Liverpool and now based in Cheshire, all of our delicious juices are lovingly created in our state-of-the-art juicing Head Quarters in the North of England. Cold pressing is the ultimate gold standard in the juicing world. To make our delicious juices we use state-of-the-art cold press equipment designed to efficiently press the ingredients without using heat or spinning blades which actually reduce the nutrients present in the juice. The joy of cold pressing is that it traps all of the vitamins, powerful antioxidents, minerals and other goodness inside the juice – there is no escape!

Never heated or treated – just raw goodness

Instead of heating our ingredients we process them in their raw state, trapping all of the nutritional content and natural goodness cleverly inside our bottles.

We never pasteurize (i.e. heat or boil) our fruit and vegetables which means that we don’t deplete the nutrients, damage the live enzymes or increase the sugar content. Our process ensures that all the ingredients within our juices are kept as close to their pure natural state as possible – making them extra fresh, super tasty and very very good for you!

Superfoods are our superpowers.

We source the best, most nutritious superfoods to include in our juices. These little, energy packed superweapons boost your health, bring radiance to your skin and do very clever things to your immune system.

Techy Info

Raw juice manufacturing is a serious business in terms of food safety and we pride ourselves on maintaining the best standards to create the tastiest juices. All of our products have undergone rigorous microbiological and chemical lab testing in a UKAS accredited facility.